Marekting Videos

Are you looking for a unique way to introduce a new product?  Are you looking for a traditional 30 or 60 second advertising spot? Are you changing your brand identity?  Marketing videos target a specific audience for a specific purpose.

Live Event Coverage

Do you have a need for multi-camera live event coverage? Do you want documentation of a live stage show? Are you getting married? Are you hosting a special party and want event coverage? Is there a sporting event that you would like captured? Multiple cameras can be used to capture these type of events from all angles as they are happening and edited later to give you complete coverage of the event.


Do you want to tell your story through interviews and voice over?  Do you have an educational piece you'd like produced? Do you have information and data you'd like to present to an audience? Documentaries are a way to present information and persuade your viewers to feel a certain way or call them to action.

Videos are Powerful

Premier Image Productions is a video production company located in Southern California.  Our emphasis is placed on the editing, and combined with our video-journalistic style and artistic cinematography, we are able to produce works of art.  Whether it be Documentaries, Corporate Promos for YouTube, fundraising videos, non-profit company profiles, or How-To Videos, our unique style, creative vision, and artistic eye are applied appropriately to appeal to your target audience.

Premier Image Productions provides Producers, Directors, Writers, Production Managers, Camera Operators, Cinematographers, Audio Techs, Lighting Designers, Editors, Choreographers, and all Production Crew & Personnel from the planning stages through the final delivery of your product.


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